In Motion Auto COVID19 Relief Special

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In Motion Auto COVID19 Relief Special

In Motion Auto has always been involved with the community through its work with Helping Hands Olathe, founded by In Motion Auto owner, Dave Weaver. Today In Motion Auto will start offering 15% off all repairs.

If you would like to pay it forward and pay full price, In Motion Auto has committed to putting that 15% towards supporting the Helping Hands Olathe cause.

Helping Hands Olathe was developed to help Kansas and Missouri households with their vehicle repair bills for those in need.

Our vision for the Helping Hands Olathe program is to create better everyday life in our community by helping lives and empowering people. We do this by offering an affordable alternative for vehicle repairs to eligible Kansas and Missouri households.


COVID19 Relief Special
Get a 15% Discount!

Or you can opt to pay it forward and support Helping Hands Olathe.

(913) 393-5959


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