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Low Overhead Means Savings for You

We are able to negotiate better prices from the auto parts vendors.
Your Car Service Cost Range
Standard… up to 5 quarts… semi synthetic $35.77
Synthetic… up to 5 quarts $69.95
Plug Flat Repair $15.00
Patch Tire Repair $20.00
Rotation $24.95
Rotate/Balance $49.95
Alignment $89.00
Tire Mount $10.00 (per tire)
Mount and balance(Per Tire) $15.00
Brake Inspection $24.95
Replace Disc Brakes Per Axle $93.00
Drum Brakes (Includes pack front bearings) $97.47
A/C Service (With dye up to 2.5 lbs. of freon) $149.99
Radiator Service (Up to 2 gallons of coolant) $89.99
Transmission Service (Does not include fluid or filter) $95.00
Vehicle Inspection $75
Miniature Bulb Replacement (Most bulbs included) $7.50 each

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