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In Motion Automotive knows that when you tell most repair shops that your vehicle is having transmission problems, they just tell you that you need to replace the whole transmission. In some cases there may be an electrical issue in the transmission and the repair cost for these items is significantly less than replacing the whole transmission. If someone tells you that you need to replace your transmission, you should definitely get a second opinion. A transmission service may solve your problems and be less expense.

What Does A Transmission Do?

A transmission is a hydraulic pump that basically shifts gears to propel the vehicle forward or in reverse. With proper maintenance and fluid, the transmission should last you 300/400 thousand miles. The key to keeping your transmission running that long is proper maintenance, flushing the fluid every 30,000 miles, and changing the transmission filter every 60,000 miles. If you tow with your vehicle on a regular basis, In Motion Automotive recommends flushing the fluid every 15,000 miles.

Signs That You May Need Transmission Service

The following signs may indicate that your vehicle has transmission problems and needs service:

  • Difficulty shifting
  • Shifting erratically
  • Vibration at highway speeds at light acceleration
  • Taking a long time to go into gear (1st or reverse upon startup)
  • Slippage between shifts (RPMs go up)
  • Slippage around corners (RPMs go up)

Most new cars don’t even have dip sticks to check the transmission fluid. The car has to be taken to a service shop and put on a hoist to have the transmission fluid checked. This means that a lot of times the transmission fluid gets neglected and can lead to transmission failure. In Motion Automotive recommends that you have your transmission fluid checked at least once a year.


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